Something about dreaming and idealism...

How can we see which way to go, if you did not twinkle so?

About the "imady" brand

"imady" is the homonym and abbreviation of well-known idiom "I made it !", represents the spirit of challenge taking, aspiration to create, and the value of self-affirmation, in the era of fast changing. The "imady" text and image has been approved by the Trademark Office of State Administration for Industry and Commerce as registered trademark own by Suzhou imady Technologies Co., Ltd.

Connotation of "imady"

The logo was designed to comprise with shape of "I" and "!", which interact and organized tightly, implicate "the achievement of self-expression" and "the joy of success", represent by color scheme of green and red. In an era of prevailing social network and virtual world base on internet, "imady" is an embrace to freedom of delivering the voice and idea without boundary.

Mission and vision

We are dedicated on creating innovative and high quality applications for our customers and users, based on multi platforms including PC, mobile, embedded systems, and game consoles. Our prospect of technologies development in future 10 years leads us toward a direction of building Virtual Reality base on Next-Generation-Network, equipped with most advanced AI (Artificial Intelligence) technologies such as motion detection, recognition, and exchanging. Our vision is, as most of people expected, the world described in those sci-fi movies like "Matrix" and "Avatar", will come to us soon!

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We'll make it!

Change the world

Perpetuation of Humanity

Team Members

There are always some unstable people and they seek things better...

Frank Shen


Frank is an enthusiastic programmer of C#/.NET/Unity3d, switched from his earlier marketing role over 10 years. As the founder of imady, he is devoting to the technical concept of "Object Stream" and the application of the technologies.

Lisa Shen


An overseas returnee mum of two kids with Master degree; Her recent focus is on techniques of childhood education, while enjoying the time spend with the kids to travel around.


Innovation never stops; Failures or successes are both footstones of tomorrow.

“imady Interactive Cartoon” renamed to “Yingyu88” (English Papa) project, an integrated English tutoring service.

“Tianrui Brokers” accumulatively matched business over RMB600 million;

“imady Interactive Cartoon” was sponsored by Microsoft BizSpark program;

“Ancient Town of Zhenze” delivered on Web, Android and iOS;

Partnered with Intel Software Department as a RealSense early developer;

“Virtual Training System for High-Voltage Electricity Equipment” delivered to the Southern Power Grid;

prototype of “imady Cartoon” succeed in in-lab test on Android;

Mobile game “Town of Heavy Eaters” onboarded to Apple App-Store;

prototype of “imady Online Performance” succeed in-lab preliminary test;

Frank was nominated as one of "Key Personnel of Cultural Industry";

Ding Zhen (former R&D Director of joined as CTO;

First motion capturing lab in Wujiang;

Start-up in Canglang District, Suzhou;

Frank was nominated “Scientific Leader of Starting-up & Innovation” in Wujiang;

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