Our PhilosophyWe will make it!

Answers exist ahead only for people who are persistent and fearless.

Introduction of imady

Suzhou imady Technologies Co., Ltd. was founded in May 2010 in Suzhou. As a venturing enterprise, it was initiated by Frank who has many years experience in IT and entertainment industry and with overseas university degree, as well as his aspiration of pursueing innovative technologies and world changing products.

Imady commits to research of next generation interactive technologies, explores the opportunity of integrating these technologies with educational or entertainment applications, and promote the industrialization and commercialization of new products and business models in China.

1. Branded Products

Imady seeks to apply various types of intelligent technology in interactive education, interactive entertainment and other fields, to enhance user experience and improve learning effectiveness. Through many changes, our core project has evolved from "Interactive performing platform" and "interactive cartoon" project to the current "Yingyu88" ("English Papa"), an integrated and interactive education program.

2. Technical Services

As an independent third party developer, our consulting and software development services help customers to enliven their ideas from concept to realization.

3. Technical Research

Our research covers topics including E-commerce, artificial intelligence, motion capturing and recognition, spatial perception, virtual interaction and other fields, and actively looking for opportunities of landing various technical solutions.

“Yingyu88” Project

An integrated language tutoring service enables happy learning for kids

Father's companion

Parents, especially fathers, should participate in children's study, providing accompany more than supervision, to eliminate children's fear of foreign language learning in a harmonious atmosphere.

Humanity in teaching

Children are nurtured by affable teachers with fixed arrangement. Every child is treated with personal care regardless to his or her current ability grade.

Assitance of technologies

We embrace the concept of "Button free" design and advocate a retrieve to the natural approach for human interacts, and yield the technological intelligence to assistant position.

VR + on-site Ed-Tour

Our tutoring and touring services have mutual synergy to strengthen the effect of language study by combining the repeated practice in virtual context with the experience of field tour.


We face up to the world flooded with animations and games. If English learning cannot be happier, how can we capture children's attention?

Beyond language tutoring

Our mission is to cultivate thoughtful people with excellent linguistic and communicative skills, rather than training parrots.